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Below you can find essays and reviews of articles written for University assignments, taking either an anthropological perspective or a view through the literary critic lens, about the benefits and social impact of storytelling and stories, and use of language. These essays are edited versions of the original assignments.

Should children be raised bilingually?

If you had the chance to raise your child with one or more languages, why wouldn't you?  This essay takes a socio-linguistic perspective, exploring the social reasons behind language choices.

Child Learning Numbers at School

Nationalism and Violence in Myanmar

Rohingya Muslims in Rhakine State, Myanmar, are stateless and live in apartheid conditions. Over 700,000 Rohingya refugees have fled violence to seek safety in Bangladesh since 25 August 2017. This essay takes an anthropological perspective and explores a link between the country's Human Rights violation of citizenship denial and violence against one of the most persecuted people in the world today.


The importance of Story for Health and Wellbeing

Why it is so important to tell and listen to stories for our Wellbeing from an Anthropology of Health perspective.

In Good Hands

Merging the Human with the Machine

A look at how we are increasingly merging with technology in a cyborgian reality.

George PPT.jpg

Suffering in Contemporary Literature

How should writers respond when they encounter - as they invariably do - other people's suffereing?

Thinking Man on Couch

Why study Literature

A critique of Harald Bloom's "How to Read and Why"

Pile Of Books

Young people's attitudes towards medicines

This essay represents a critical review of Felicity Thomas' article "Young people's use of medicines: Pharmaceuticalised governance and illness management within household and school settings".

Daily dose of vitamins

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