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Wolf Publishing &

Dani and the Wolf Storytelling

Dani and the Wolf Apr 2020.jpg

Wolf Publishing was created by Melbourne-based Writer and Storyteller Daniela (Dani) Bücheler-Scott. Dani has always loved writing and connecting with people through stories. Her favorite animal is the Wolf, because of its enigmatic nature: strong yet vulnerable, beautiful yet unpredictable, intelligent yet driven by instinct.

Growing up in Kirchberg near Kitzbühel in the Tirolean Alps, one of the main tourist areas of Austria, Dani was exposed to people of many different backgrounds. This is where she developed an early appreciation of Cultural Awareness, a strong sense of Social Justice and the importance of crafting meaningful stories.

Many workshops and qualifications later, including Narrative Therapy; Cultural Awareness for Early Childhood; Creative Writing workshops; International Storytelling Conference; and culminating in the completion of an Arts degree majoring in Anthropology and English Literature, Dani now uses Wolf Publishing to further her passion for human connection via storytelling and sharing story research.

When Dani performs stories she uses the trading name "Dani and the Wolf Storytelling". "Wolf Publishing" is the name of Dani's publishing label for Dani's publications including her essays, short stories, Kamishibai stories and upcoming children's books.

What's on offer

* Storytelling tips and benefits

* Kamishibai Storytelling

* Early Childhood and Primary School Storytelling Incursions

* Academic Essays collection (literary theory or anthropological perspective)

* Fictional Short Stories collection

* Sharing the love of words and artistic expression through affective writing 

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