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Meet Dani

My name is Daniela Bücheler-Scott. I am a Writer and Storyteller.

I have always loved stories and connecting with people of all backgrounds.

Having completed Majors in English Literature and Cultural Anthropology I promote Cultural Awareness, Inclusion, Empathy and Accepting Differences. I hope to pass on a passion for Creative Writing as an art form and Storytelling - in the written and oral tradition - as a way to elicit positive social change.


Current Projects

Here is what I'm working on:

Currently re-working, re-writing and getting new illustrations for my Kamishibai story "Sally the Sea Turtle" (working title) and also writing a children's book version. Both out in 2019.

Sally the Sea Turtle

My long-term goal is to eventually design an incursions program to foster Cultural Intelligence for Early Childhood, Primary and Secondary School settings .

Cultural Intelligence

Researching and brainstorming for a drama story about the limits of resilience in the Siberian wilderness. This is a long-term project with an open completion day.

Advenuture Drama story

Together with the Australian Kamishibai Association (AKA), there will be a number of opportunities in 2019 and 2020 to watch Kamishibai shows. 

Storytelling performances