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Meet Dani

My name is Daniela Bücheler-Scott. I am a Writer and Storyteller.

I have always loved stories and connecting with people of all backgrounds.

Having completed Majors in English Literature and Cultural Anthropology I promote Cultural Awareness, Inclusion, Empathy and Accepting Differences. I hope to pass on a passion for Creative Writing as an art form and Storytelling - in the written and oral tradition - as a way to elicit positive social change.







The Australian Kamishibai Association (AKA) has hosted two workshops in 2018 at City Library of Melbourne. More workshops are planned for 2019, starting in late January or February. 

These workshops give you an insight into how Kamishibai storytelling works, meet up with like-minded Story creators, Storytellers and Illustrators, and you get a chance to compare notes on Kamishibai art as well as how to Kamishibai.